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DCI is designed to simultaneously solve scaling, corrosion and biofouling problems commonly found in evaporative cooling systems. No trade-offs required between these three demands.

Other cooling water management technology typically works on the principle of forcing water to hold more minerals before the point of scale formation. Water is thrown away when the water can no longer hold more without causing scaling.

DCI approaches the problem from a different angle:

We actively remove the root cause of scaling from the water.

Core Components in DCI Technology

Three main components to the DCI tech: Electrolysis, CataGeenTM, Automated Software Control.


The Electrochemistry

DCI's core revolves around electrolysis. Using electrolysis, we remove Calcium, Magnesium and Silica from the cooling tower water.


CataGreen is DCI's proprietary non-chemical device for treating of algae, Heterotrophic,

and Legionella bacteria.

Water passes through the CataGreen device within DCi, and upon physical contact, 

CataGreen interferes with the Bio-chemistry of the Bacteria cell walls.


Through this method, water can be disinfected of heteroptrophic and legionalla bacteria
<100,000 and <10 cfu/ml respectively.


The Setup

Retrofiting is simple and does not require shutdown of existing cooling systems.

On the right is a schematic of DCI deployment.
Below are photographs of actual installations.


DCI Deployed.png
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