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Deston DCI helps Digital Realty win 'Tech Excellence Award' by Singapore Business Review Awards

Deston first got in touch with Digital Realty in 2020 to discuss about the use of our DCI electrolysis methods to tackle the treatment of cooling tower water to save chiller plant energy, water and chemicals.

We finally implemented the system in 2023 with the help of sustainability trailblazers in Digital Realty who were willing to go on this journey with us, embracing ground-breaking innovations in order to get transformative improvements. We at Deston are proud that in 2024, Digital Realty has been awarded the 'Tech Excellence Award' by Singapore Business Review Awards for their groundbreaking use of DCI electrolysis in their data center cooling towers. DRT achieved an impressive Water Usage Efficiency (WUE) rating of 1.99, while establishing a new industry standard.



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